For 150 years we have contributed to Mid-Norway's business sector. Read more about what changes we have gone through.

The Mid-Norway Chamber of Commerce and Industry (NiT) was founded as a trade association in February 1862, with an initial goal to establish a bank that could provide tradesmen better access to financial capital.

After a comprehensive crisis in 1857, however, there was a common opinion that our organization should help businesses cooperate and represent their interests.

Important issues

Transport has always been an important issue for us. NiT was an important driving force behind the building of a harboud at Brattoera, and participated in financing Meraakerbanen.

In 1909 our organization took an initiative to create a new Chamber of Commerse, which was formally established in 1911.  

School and education has  also been important. One of many other initiatives was creating a  Commerce School in Trondheim, a process that was started in 1909. In 1913 Trondheim Commerce School (in Norwegian: Trondheim Handelsgymnasium) was establised. In 1920 Trondheim kommune took over the operation of the school.

After a gift from Adolf Halseth in 1943 we were able to build a home for elders at Nedre Charlottenlund. The building was finished in 1962 and is still operating today.

Business association

In 1999 we changed from being an organization primarily for tradesmen into recruiting all types of businesses. At the same time, our name was changed into ”Næringsforeningen i Trondheim”. The reasons for this was experiences from Bergen and Stavanger, a need to recruit more companies and a need to increase cooperation across different industries.

So to sum ut the most important issues NiT has been working on for the last 150 years of its existance, it must be the work to secure:

  • Satisfactory capacity for shipping of goods by sea, rail and road.

  • Access to enough and stable capital.

  • Competence through a good education.

  • Resistance against national rules/laws/privileges that prevent trade in Trondheim.

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