Advisory boards of the The Mid-Norway Chamber of Commerce and Industry

250 corporate leaders work on a voluntary basis to ensure the interests of the business community.

NiT is the voice of the business community i the Mid-Norway region, with a vision of making our region the strongest commerce and industry sector in Norway. To ensure this NiT has established 23 councils/advisory boards for all the different industries, academic communities and geographic areas. These councils acts as the extended arm of NiT's board within the abovementioned fields and are tremendously important for our work.


These councils shall:

  1. Improve the conditions for all those working within their respective field work or geographic area.
  2. Ensure progression and development within their respective field of work or geographic area.
  3. Create a well functioning business network and an attractive meetingplace, as well as contribute to development of expertise for the companies within their respective feild of work or geographic area.

The advisory boards shall give NiT's board initiative inputs of possible actions in order to create growth for the industry sector and by that contribute to positive development in the business community. The administration of NiT have the operative responsibility of ensuring that these actions are implemented.

Members and leaders of the advisory boards are appointed by NiT's board. Together with NiT's board these adivsory board members make up a group of about 250 corporate leaders that works on a voluntary basis for the sake of the community. They are our most important resource, and are distributed on the following councils, each one with 10-12 members(NB! the links will take you to the Norwegian page):




Creative and cultural 

Oil and gas

Aquaculture and Fishing

Infrastructure and Transport



Real estate


Commersialization of Technology

Leadership and Competence

Board work



Information and Communications Technology

NiT Heimdal

NiT Melhus

NiT Malvik

NiT Midtre Gauldal

NiT Klæbu

NiT Skaun

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